Municipality of Dziwnów

Municipality of Dziwnów is located in north-western part of West Pomeranian Province. Interestingly situated between the Baltic Sea in the north, the  Wrzosowo/Kamieński Bay in the south and the Dziwna Strait  which connects the sea with the bay. This kind of location is easily the best advantage of our district and qualifies it as a perfect place for sailors and other water sports lovers.

From the land side surrounded by the forests, in close neighbourhood with Wolinski National Park (Woliński Park Narodowy) creates perfect conditions for people searching for active holiday and healthy coastline walks.

Due to developed infrastructure in the last years (roads, water supply, port) and perfect location, Dziwnów attracts investors. High placing in the investment ranks and much higher standard of living of the inhabitants create a solid foundation for the business development.

More than 3790 ha which constitutes the area of the municipality is inhabited by more than 4000 people. The length of the shoreline of about 18 kilometres demarcates northern borderline.

Municipality of Dziwnów consists of four towns: Dziwnów which gained the charter in 2004, Dziwnówek, Międzywodzie and Łukęcin. Each of them located at the seaside with varied and well-developed accommodation.


The credo of our municipality is “an active holiday” and consequently the promotion of healthy life style. We have been trying for many years not only to promote our area as a dreamed place for summer holiday or the region open for investments, but also to emphasize the sports image. It means that sport is very important for us. We do not forget about those doing sport competitively, that is why our sports facilities are developed and intended for everybody.

Worth mentioning is the fact, that due to our location, water sports become more and more popular. In the last several years the necessary infrastructure was built (two marinas and water sports centre). What is more, we successfully organize different kind of regattas (also international).

In conclusion, we prioritise sport in popular and individual form. We

cannot forget, that besides the active contestants, also good and well qualified training staff set an example. We try to combine both and want to set a good example to others.

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