You can get to Dziwnów by car via the road no 3 from Szczecin, then no 107 from Parłówko and 102 from Dziwnówek.  From Świnoujście take the road no 3 and next 102. From Kołobrzeg road no 102.

Flying by plane, you should land at Szczecin/Goleniow airport (, take the bus or train to Szczecin and then take the train to Kamień Pomorski. From Kamień Pomorski you can get to Dziwnów by bus ( You can also get to Dziwnów directly from Szczecin by bus ( and

There is also a ferry connection from Scandinavia to Świnoujście. You can get to Dziwnów from Świnoujście by car (road no 3 and 102) or by direct bus (

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